Darchin’s Adventure

Disclaimer: Following content contains a non-technical short story about my cats.

Meet Darchin and Khepel, two lazy boys, young members of our family

Darchin (right) and Khepel (left)

Darchin is younger and more energized. He’s a hyperactive cat. You can never see him doing nothing. Khepel is more experienced. He’s a so sedate and dignified.

Today Darchin went to the roofs and he couldn’t come down. That’s a classic cat adventure. He was frightened. He was screaming and asking for someone’s help.  I tried to get it but can’t[1]. After two long hours of fear and stress, he finally came down with help of Khepel. He soothed him and showed him how to do those catish staff.

Today Darchin learned how to climb high buildings and come down safely. I’m proud of my sons 🙂