Who are you?
My name is Soroush Rabiei. I’m currently studying to get a BOS degree in Computer Science at University of Urmia.

Where is here?
This is my tech blog.

Why one-alone-bit?
Because I’m a bit alone nowadays…

No, I mean why “One” alone bit? Shouldn’t it be “An alone bit”?
Well, that’s a little bit complicated. It’s matter of bits. They can be one or zero. If you don’t like to ignore this, you can kindly spell me like “One, the alone bit” or “The alone one”.

What if you become a non-alone someday?
Of course I will continue using this blog.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Met you on SteckOverflow. If you’re even in the mood not to be alone, look me up; roach $at mostlyharmless $net

  2. hi,
    please help! all my files corrupted just like yours,i installed nod32 and cleaned my computer but i could’nt repair my files :(. i googled and find your posts, could you repair your files? please for God sake help me, my computer in office and home both their files are damaged.
    veryyyyyy thanks.

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